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Whats included

Ezy Lite Package

  • Digital Certificate of Incorporation
  • Digital Share Certificates
  • Digital Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Printed Certificate of Incorporation
  • Printed Share Certificates
  • Maintenance of Statutory Books
  • Business Bank account with up to £50.00 cash back (optional)
  • Registered Office Address
  • Director's Privacy - service address
  • Registered office address

This package is ideal if you want to form a limited company and would rather not display your home address on the public record or company stationery. We supply a registered office address for all official documentation, this address will appear on the records of Companies House.

Director's Privace - Service Address

A director’s service address is the official address of a company director and every director must supply Companies House with a service address.

Most of our clients prefer to keep their personal address details confidential and use our Service Address.

Support for the life of your company

Free online and telephone support for the life of your company. Our staff are happy to help with your queries.


  • Limited Company within 3 hours
  • £13.00 Companies House filing fee included
  • Digital documentation
  • No paperwork or signatures
  • Business bank account with up to £50 cash back
  • Continued support for the life of your company
  • Registered office address
  • Director's privacy service
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